Indian Vegetarian Cooking Course


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Samstag, 06. Juli 2019 10:30–14:30 Uhr

Kursnummer F30539
Dozent Anjali Chaurasiya
Datum Samstag, 06.07.2019 10:30–14:30 Uhr
Gebühr 24,00 EUR

88326 Aulendorf, Schussenrieder Straße 25, Schulzentrum, Küche
Schussenrieder Straße 25
88326 Aulendorf


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Welcome to the world of uncomplicated, simple yet aesthetic, delicious and healthy Indian vegetarian currys, various sorts of flatbreads, spicy and tangy chutneys, pickles and snacks, rice dishes, hot (chai & Co.) and cold Indian drinks and many more homecooking tipps.
Being an Indian housewife and mother, the course instructor cooks and bakes everyday. Even as a child, she helped her mother in the kitchen and emulated her. Over the years, cooking has become a passion for her and it brings her joy that she is able to put all her learning into action by sharing it with others. She loves to cook and experiment with ingredients, flavors, spices and oils.
The course also provides tips and tricks on how to cook Indian dishes with readily available German ingredients along with basic info about Indian spices and their uses.
The seminar menu includes an appetizer, a seasonal vegetable curry, a side dish, a yogurt dip, Indian flatbread (chapati / naan), a rice dish and a dessert.


Things to bring with: Kitchen apron, kitchen towel, Tupperware boxes and ingredient costs. "Cooking together brings joy!"
Costs for ingredients and copys about 13,00 € need to be paid directly in the course.

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